Praise for Absolute Software and Ed Colbert

Very satisfied with the knowledge gained.  Would heartily recommend it to any programmer.

Boeing Public Class Student

Ed Colbert demonstrated why he deserves his reputation as one of the best minds in software design.

Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control - Dallas

An excellent job in teaching the class and maintaining student interest and involvement by asking students questions throughout the duration.  He started classes promptly....   Mr. Colbert knew the material well, had prior work related experience and often cited practical examples from his background including real-time systems applications.  His teaching style was relaxed and promoted frequent student interaction.  His ability to compare the language differences and similarities to Ada seemed to help many of the students with Ada backgrounds....   Nearly every hour and a half, short lab assignments were conducted using Visual C++ to ensure the coursework was understood and all students were making progress.  In general, class did not resume until everyone had successfully accomplished the task.  Mr. Colbert would assist those requiring aid.... The material covered included all aspects of the language I would deem as critical to being able to program in C++.  The timing seemed to work out well in that we had covered all slides and labs without rushing to completion at the end.  Lab assignments were directly applicable to the material covered and often built upon the previous assignment to demonstrate better techniques to accomplish the same task... All in all, the class members were in agreement that the class was a very positive experience.  The teacher, material and lab work were excellent and the classes were highly valuable and applicable to anyone who will be performing software development in C++.

Computer Sciences Corporation

Praise for Colbert OOSD Method

Provides extremely smooth transitions between requirements analysis, preliminary design, detailed design, implementation, test, and maintenance phases.... Large projects would benefit from utilization of this methodology because it supports abstraction and division of responsibility, while including provisions for reusability and portability.... Compatible with DoD–STD–2167A.... The OOSD method appears to be the wave of the future.

EER Systems

Clear understanding between the developers and the users regarding the scope of the proposed system.... Clear instructions for all of the tasks required to complete requirements definition through detailed design.... The balance between data analysis and behavioral analysis has allowed us the flexibility to focus on the view of the systems which is most natural for the user.... The transition to the use of an object–oriented paradigm has been a challenge for our experienced professionals. However ... the Colbert methodology has facilitated this transition.... The training that you provided was very complete ... our staff [were] productive immediately, and your ongoing assistance has been invaluable in completing the project in a timely manner.

KMPG Peat Marwick

Your methodology ... best coupled the phases of software development from requirements through fielding.... Especially appreciate your willingness to support telephone questions and to "go the second mile" in assuring that our software engineers comprehend how to apply the concepts to our program.

Loral Vought Systems

Simple to understand as well as providing complete and precise specifications.... Remarkably fast way to communicate the large amount of information developed during software analysis and design.... Our software integration activity was completed without the need for any major change to the requirements or the design. This is exceptional for a system of this size and complexity.

McDonnell Douglas

Supports all design activities down to implementation.... Supports design notations for C, C++, and Ada.... Does not force a top–down approach ... if some hardware is already complete before the software design begins, or if a large amount of prototyping is needed on high–risk areas.... Does not require an object–oriented programming language like C++.... The suspicion with which many in the real–time field regard the O–O paradigm may well be more to do with the adoption of inappropriate methodologies.... The modeling of hardware objects alongside software and the explicit demonstration of their interaction using the Colbert notation allows interdependencies to be modeled efficiently and gives a common notation for the dialogue between hardware and software implementers.

Satellites International Limited (England)